HIT BALL, think Quidditch (H. Potter), but without the brooms!

​Cost: free (unless it’s against your beliefs).​
Age: 14+​
Where: Seacliff primary​
When: Saturday the 27th April @ 10am​

HIT BALL is fun, it’s fast, it’s cool, it’s safe and it’s simple!!!
We got a space at Seacliff Primary, down at Seacliff (who would have guessed?), where we can have few get togethers and play.
The idea would be to have as many people as possible to start spreading the knowledge about the existence of this sport and getting some fun doing it. So bring a friend, he’ll thank you for the opportunity!
Who is invited: males, females, Teenagers, Uni students, Primary and HS Teachers (hit ball is highly educational) adults of all ages (as far as you are fit enough to be able to play a sport safely), that are interested in playing sports involving Hitting a soft ball without having physical contact with the players of the opposing team.
It’s going to be an introductory session with all the rules & info being explained on the day.
In this session we’ll go through some basic hitting technique as well.
It will be played indoor with 5 vs 5 players.

What to wear: shorts, t-shirt, sneakers…
Wearing knee pads is advisable, but not compulsory.

How to participate: send me an email (contact page) or go on Facebook and click “ATTENDING”, then write it in your diary, immediately call your mates, get your own team together and challenge Australia!

Get the opportunity to be part of the history.
See you there!!