Where: Seacliff primary​
When: Saturday the 20th April @ 10am

Get the opportunity to be part of the history. HIT BALL is fun, it’s fast, it’s cool, it’s safe and it’s simple!!!​
We got a space at Seacliff Primary, down at Seacliff (who would have guessed?), where we can have few get togethers and play.​
The idea would be to have as many people as possible to start spreading the knowledge about the existence of this sport and getting some fun doing it. So bring a friend, he’ll thank you for the opportunity!
Who is invited: males, females, Teenagers, Uni students, Primary and HS Teachers (hit ball is highly educational) adults of all ages (as far as you are fit enough to be able to play a sport safely), that are interested in playing sports involving Hitting a soft ball without having physical contact with the players of the opposing team.
It’s going to be an introductory session with all the rules & info being explained on the day.
It will be played indoor with 5 vs 5 players.

​Cost: free (unless it’s against your beliefs).
Age: 14+
Where: Seacliff primary
When: Saturday the 20th April @ 10am
What to wear: shorts, t-shirt, sneakers…​
Wearing knee pads is advisable, but not compulsory.

How to participate: if you are on Facebook , you can let us know by clicking “ATTENDING” on the page event and liking Hit Ball Australia, or you can send us an email:
info at hitball.com.au